How To Use

How to use the Multi Sluice™…

Video and Written Guide are Below.


Updated How to PDF – Understanding the Multi Sluice

Important… Read the tips section below as well. 

Concentration Mode: 

STEP / RUN #1 
Classify your cons to 1/4″. We prefer to limit runs to about 2 gallons.
Insert CON MAT.
Place catch tub (full of water) at the end of the sluice.
Set the pitch to 11 degrees and level side to side. (Use a digital meter or app)
Attach 1100 GPH bilge pump without restriction insert.
Make sure you do not have a LONG hose or more than 24″ of lift. (Height distance from pump to top of the unit.) This insures you get full / proper GPH.
Start the pump and gently rub mat to remove any friction bubbles.
At a gradual rate trickle feed the cons back and forth in the feeder box as shown in the videos.
Once done feeding shut off unit and remove catch tub.
Tip the tray to one side SLOWLY and allow excess water to drain off mats.
Remove mat and clean.

STEP / RUN #2 
Insert washer mat into sluice.
Change pitch to 13 degrees and level side to side.
Insert restriction tube into header box.
Classify cons to 12 mesh. 20 mesh screen can also be used if you don’t have a 12 mesh.
Run same as above.

The first CON MAT run will leave you with about 1 cup of super cons.
The second with the washer mat will leave you with about 2-3 tablespoons of super cons.
Just pan and you’re done.

STEP / RUN #3 – Optional Stripping Run
Watch the owner’s manual video and you’ll see Doc do a special 3rd run that takes your remaining 1 cup of HYPER CONS down to about 2-3 tablespoons.



Make sure you use a GOOD 1100 gph bilge pump and make sure your battery is strong, you want all the power. We often run with charger attached. Just because a pump SAYS it’s 1100 gph does not mean it is. Want to test?  It should take 16.5 seconds to fill a 5 gallon bucket with little LIFT. Five gallons is about 1 inch from the top rim.

Make sure there is not too much LIFT… fighting the bilge pump.
In other words… the distance (height) from the bilge pump to the top of the unit.
Water traveling UP HILL reduces gph greatly. Keep your sluice as low as possible.

It’s often hard to remember to either put in, or remove, the flow reducer.
The last thing we do before hooking up the battery is check to make sure it’s in our out, depending on the mat we are using.

Use a GOOD… DIGITAL… angle / pitch meter. Then use water in the sluice to level side to side. You want your sluice at the right angle, plus level. Takes a little getting used to, but you’ll quickly learn how to do it easily.

When removing the mats…. watch the video and learn how to drain them.
Then release ONE SIDE and the mats will slide out very easy. If you don’t, it will be hard to remove them.

Incremental processing is something you should learn about.  If you do, you’ll understand how a nice slow and steady feed rate will REALLY help your results. This gives the mat time to exchange and work. HEAVY DUMPING… will force gold further down the sluice and may increase losses.

Doc likes to pan the big and easy gold from the first con mat run, then he sets up the washer mat again…. (being clean) and will run the those cons again. This takes the CUP of cons down to about 2 tablespoons of almost pure gold and save time panning. 

When cleaning mats… make sure you REVERSE ROLL mats as you wash them.
This is very important as the grooves will tightly hold the gold.
The RazorBack mat is TOUGH to bend… just a warning.

Watch this video on cleaning mats.