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Over 200 controlled tests have been conducted on the new Multi Sluice using concentrates from all over the world, and gold from all over the world. Every time the unit has proven itself to be a winner, capturing 99% of the gold .

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 Customer Feedback

Pure Country – Texas
Got my multi sluice last week and been running tests on daily. Ran material from pure black sands, beach sands, gravel, old cons, just about everything I could run through it. (got a lot of very small gold, 200 mesh and smaller, out of all this material) Finally decided to run a test with 12 grams of gold, all sizes.
1st run caught majority of the gold, 2nd run got all the rest of it except 5 pieces that would not even show on the camera. Then I “stripped” it on the 3rd run, which caught almost all the gold. This entire gold run started with 5 gal of mixed material and took 30 minutes.
So, 30 minutes verses hours and hours of classifying and panning (and still losing gold) is it worth it?? Believe me, IT IS. Very pleased

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Watch Dr. – Montana 

Just got my Multi Sluice and removing it from the box I noticed several things that set Gold Hog products apart from all the others so I thought I would share here so others who may be considering it would know what to expect.

1) This unit is NOT flimsy. It is made from heavy gauge sheet stock. I have seen many other sluices from brands at the gold shows and they are made of thin weak aluminum. The multi Sluice is made of thick rigid aluminum. It will take a lot of effort to damage this unit!

2) The seams are not left unsealed. Many slightly less expensive sluices bend the Aluminum up and pop rivet the corners leaving the corners to leak or they will use a bead of silicone to seal them. The Multi Sluice is welded! My 16 year old son is taking welding classes at school and was super impressed by the high quality welding. I was impressed that they were welded at all.

3) Everything is very well made and it is obvious quality and a lot of care went into making this unit. It is not just slapped together to make a quick buck off anyone and everyone they can. Extra parts and spare parts were included.

All in all I have to say the Gold Hog guys and gals are top notch and have amazing products. I don’t know how long this unit will last but the way it is built I don’t think it will wear out for many years.

My son and I ran about 2 gals. of cons on the first mat last night and were super impressed. We’ll run the second mat tonight (we ran out of time – I had to get to bed).

The new Raptor Flare just got here and I can’t wait to open it!

If anyone is considering buying a Gold Hog product I can recommend them very highly. I don’t write reviews of products anywhere but Gold Hog as a company and their products stand out from the overcrowding of much lower quality companies and products. I will never buy another brand again.

Gold Hog Multi Sluice