Multi Sluice™ Performance Guarantee

After all our controlled testing we are so confident in this product that the new Multi Sluice™ comes with a performance money back guarantee. The terms and conditions are as follows.

Our guarantee is simple……..
The Multi Sluice™ will perform as stated and capture 99% of the gold by weight, down to 100 mesh, in your cons leaving you with about 1 cup of material.  If it fails to perform to that level, simply return it for a full refund, excluding the cost of returning it to us.  Yes… it’s a bold statement but we have 100’s and 100’s of test using cons and gold from all around the world.
How to test…
Quality testing is always based on the amount of gold caught in the SLUICE vs. what is in the tailings. This… gives accurate data.  Adding a “measured amount” of gold to a test run does not. Gold can be lost, spilled, etc., and skew data.
To check its performance… run up to 2 gallons of concentrates that come from your primary processing equipment.  For a GOOD, reliable test with good data, at least 2 grams of gold should be used.
Run as shown in our instructions with proper angles and flows.
Classify to ¼” and perform run #1 with the CON MAT. Next take all the tailings and classify to 12 mesh (or 20 mesh).
Run these through the unit with the Washer Mat.  You’ll now have 99% of your gold isolated in about one cup.
Take the remaining tailings and pan or run through another piece of equipment.
You’ll find by WEIGHT… that 99%, or more, of the gold was caught.  Obviously you’ll need an accurate scale that measures to 1/10ths of a GRAIN.  These are fairly cheap and can be bought on Amazon for about $20. We like the AWS Gemini 20 which measures down to 1/100ths of a GRAIN. (Not gram)

  1. This guarantee is valid to U.S. customers / orders located in the lower 48 states.
  2. Valid for 30 days from date of purchase.
  3. The guarantee is for the CON MODE only, we do not offer result guarantees for those using the unit as a field unit or primary processor. There are simply too many variables.
  4. Does not apply to black beach sands. Due to hydraulic equivalence involved with black beach sands run results might be slightly lower. It’s just physics, not magic.
  5. Does not cover the cost of shipping back to our facility.
  6. Must be returned in good, undamaged condition.


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